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Cheese Crawl – Minigame Bundle

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Five games in one!! At the low, low price of... well... free!!All your favorite puzzles and minigames from Cheese Crawl in their own package. Have fun solving puzzles to earn treasure and useful items. Trade at the vending machine. And, when you're ready, take on a bunch of genetically enhanced dairy products in the combat area. Level up enough, and you may even find a way out.Package includes:Combat: engage in mortal combat with genetically enhanced hors d'oeuvres. Gain experience and treasure to level up. But make sure you find some decent equipment... or the fights may be quite short!Memory Lock: use your memory to match symbols to solve this puzzle. Breaking the code could earn you valuable items - or even treasure. Spider Smoosh: how fast are your reflexes? The spiders are everywhere! Smoosh them to get past this minigame. But be careful, it gets harder as you go on...Towers of Cheese: who moved the cheese? You did! Or, at least you'll have to move the towers of cheese from one place to another to solve this problems. Pretty easy, right? But it gets harder...Explosion: Blowing stuff up is fun, right? Mix the various tubes of goo in the right proportions and there'll be explosions all over the place. Maybe, if you blow up enough stuff, you might get rewarded.Cheese Crawl - The Minigame Bundle features:- 5 Different challenging puzzle games- A fun and challenging combat system- Unique weapons and armor to help you combat the canapes- 4 game modes- A vending machine for trading useful and exotic items.- Original music by: Supreme Dictator for Life

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