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Cooking can be stressful! Kitchen Timer is a quick and easy to use timer designed especially to support you as much as possible while cooking.View the manual by pressing the MENU button in the program.Kitchen Timer features extremely quick countdown timer entry and startup - add a shortcut and start a 10 minute timer with just three taps from your home screen.Cake not done yet when the timer rings? Simply add a few minutes to the timer with a minimum of fuzz.Check on your countdown timer's progress by simply turning on your phone - there's no need to mess with the lockscreen or enter your pin number. It's right there when you need it.Your timers are safe with reboot protection. If your phone should lose power or reboot, start it up and your timers are back the way you left them. Except for one thing - they will still have counted down without power.Add as many timers as you want, there are no restrictions.You can of course also use Kitchen Timer to time your nap, your workout exercise or just a soft-boiled egg. This is the only timer you need.For both phones and tablets.

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