Chess Reader. 1280×800 Tablets


Reader (Visor) of chess games for tablets Android 3 with a screen reolution of 1280×800.This application play games in PGN format and books in InterAjedrez format. Besides the "Play", it has an "Agent of contents" to organize our library. The "Agent" contemplates three sections in those that to frame the contents:Collections (Colecciones).Packages (Paquetes) .Games (Partidas).The Collections (Colecciones) are a form of containing similar "books/documents". For example, we can create the collection "Richar Reti" to house the different books written by this author, each one of these books will be an element of the collection.The section of Packages (Paquetes) is thought for independent "books/documents", that are not framed in any Collection.The section of Games (Partidas) will contain individual or contained games that don’t form an unit similar to a book, for example, all the games played by Anand.The location in a section, or other, it is only a form of organizing the contents, but it doesn’t establish any type of different functionality among them, unless the Collections can contain differentiated elements, while Packages and Games are a "all" indivisible one to the "Agent of contents" effects, in what refers to the "play" the Packages and the Games can consist on a list of games, problems or documents that are visualized one to one.The Reader (Visor) can reproduce any content in the format PGN, without necessity that it is housed in the described sections, for that reason the "Agent of contents", also show the external area of storage of our device so that you can be selected the corresponding file.Another functión of the "Agent of contents" is the download of "books", through Internet, from one compatible "bookstores", for example, from InterAjedrez. The downloaded materials are put, automatically, in the section of Collections (Colecciones).For the play of contents, the Reader (Visor) divides the device’s screen in three areas:The graphic Board.The Document.The List of "pages".The Board shows, in the habitual form of 2D, the position and movements and it has several buttons to move manually for the game or in an automatic way, as well as to rotate the disposition of the board. The board can be configured in "demostration" mode, selecting the corresponding option of the main menu of the Reader (Visor). In this way, we can add or to remove pieces of the board and to move the existent ones dragging them for the screen.The Document, located to the right of the board, shows the documental part of the game. Besides text, it can contain any thing that can show by a Internet Explorer: images, buttons, video, …. It is a completely interactive area and synchronized with the graphic board, we can go to any move, of the main line or of the variants, simply touching in the Document.Usually, for each game included in the element to be visualized it has a "page" To the right of the board and under the document, there is a List in which all the "pages" included in the element that we are visualizing will appear.The pull-down menu of the application, located in the superior-right vertex of the screen allows to configure several options of the application, like they are:To choose one of two boards.To choose one of two sets of pieces.Select if one wants to use, or not, "figurines" in the games’s notation.If one wants animated moves and the speed to which they reproduce.To activate, or to disable the sound.In the superior part of the screen, to the left of the pull-down menu, the other options of the Finder are shown that allow:To access to the "Agent of contents".To activate and to disable the "demostration" mode of the board.To show and to hide the board’s coordinates.

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