Chicks and Turtles


*** SPECIAL PRICE 50% OFF LIMITED TIME OFFER ***What do chicks and turtles have in common? Find out in this fantastic game set between beaches and crystal clear seas, where nuclear bombs, potions, treasure and rockets will take you on a fantastic adventure against time!Game features:? Stunning HD cartoon graphics! ? Hundreds hours of fun! ? Easy to learn!? Leadearboards ? Lots of Achievements!? OpenFeint support!? Over 100000 addicted players on iPhone can’t be wrong!Customer Reviews (iTunes):"This game is such a cute and lovely game with lots of fun ! Super Love !Delicate graphics with cartoon style , solid control with pleasant BMG , make this game such a fun , attractive and addictive ! What you need to do is get chicks across water with help of turtles to go along and achieve more scores . The rocket pack may help ! Very lovely casual game , easy to get start and funny to play ! Best game to have fun and kill extra time !Never miss it if you’re looking for fun ! Definitely worth more than its price !Come and get to have fun ASAP !""Very fun game and unique. You need to time each jump to avoid falling. There are power-upsnto help you. Different obstacles to kill your chicks. A leaderboard to keep you playing to get to the top spot. A lot of achievements to keep you playing for more. A very enjoyable game.""Just downloaded this app few days ago and I love it! It doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to the game + it’s fun game which you can play for a long time, especially if you’re bored or if you just want to have some fun. This app is definitely my recommendation to everyone and I hope that more people as possible will try it! I also hope that there will be more amazing features in this game in the future because I think that this app deserves it.""In this game you need to help chicken cross the river over the turtles back and reach the other side. Excellent background music and beautiful visuals along with smooth and realistic animations makes this game a treat to play. The availability of various power ups and items makes this game quite addictive and with leaderboards to master, this game can easily take hours to complete. Overall, grab it if you want a simple yet fun game."—————————————————————–Please report any problems at: support@gugugames.netIf you want to try before buy, you can download the LITE version for free!

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