Child Lock Lite


Tired of your kid messing with your phone settings, deleting things and opening apps you would rather not have them open? This is the app for you. Create your own app launcher screen for your kid with only the apps you want them to play. The home and back keys are disabled and a user settable pin code is needed to exit the app. This app will also enable you to conveniently keep all your child’s apps in one place.Hand your phone to your child with the peace of mind that all the settings will be as you left them, no prank calls have been placed, and nothing will be deleted.Features:? Custom launcher/home screen displays only apps parents have chosen? Intuitive easy to use interface.? Blocks downloads from market and internet.? Allows incoming phone calls.? Great for all ages toddler and up.? Pin protected settings.? Works on all new android versions Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich.? Works great with popular games like, angry birds, netflix, youtube, ant smasher, doodle jump, fruit ninja, cut the rope ABC Toddler.? Great for tablet computers.This is a lite version and will only allow for 4 apps to be placed in the main screen. To enable unlimited apps get the Pro version which is ad free as well. This version has ads but no ads will be shown to the child. All ads are on start up or in the settings screens.other names for locking feature: kids home, kid launcher, kid lock, toddler lock, screen lock, parental controls

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