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******** Use Context menu to play and stop audio. Use settings to change heading and text font sizes.*******Children's FiQh..."Finally A Book Thats Not Too THICK in Children's FiQh, So We Can Teach And Make It STICK!"Children's FiQh is a poem designed to teach children everything they need to know about Basic FiQh ( Islaamic Law ). It has been designed to assist the mind in memorizing and retrieving as necessary. While the poems are rhythmic, they are music free and has its basis from the Qur-aan and Authentic Sunnah, walHamdulillaah. With 18 poems which tackle and identify issues such as :Tahaarah ( Wudoo' ) :Both Obligatory & Voluntary Prayers ( as-Salaat ):Siyam and RamaDaan:Conditions of Repentance ( at-Taubah )and many other subject matters that will lead, insha'Allaah, a child into a state of being a MuKallafoon ( becoming Accountable for their own action with Allaah ).We make du'aa that everyone one of us will benefit greatly from these series of poems, ameen. From everyone at " My School " ( the Childrens Division of The F.I.K.S. ) MaSalaama --------FiQh IntroductionMuKallafoonThe ShahaadahObligatory FarDu'AynZTaubah or RepentanceConditions for TaubahWudoo’FarDusSalaahThe Types of SalaahThe Month of RamaDaanThe adaab of FastingThe people who do not/cannot fastCheatersThings to remember while FastingHow to end the FastMissed daysFor GraduatesRamaDaan Ramadhaan RamadanIslamIslaamPrayerSalaahHajjUmrahFastingQuranQur-anMedinaMeccaMakkahHajjThe MeccaThe HajjHajj TripsMakkah LiveHajj PackagesHajj And UmrahHajj UmrahUmrah And HajjHajj & UmrahMakkah Saudi ArabiaMecca GamesPilgrim To MeccaMecca SaudiSaudi MeccaMecca ArabiaMakkah HotelsHotels In MakkahHotels MakkahMecca CosmeticaJourney To MeccaPilgrimage To MeccaMecca PilgrimagePilgrimage MeccaMecca Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia MeccaHajj Packages 2010Hajj 2010 Packages2010 Hajj PackagesHajj Package 2010Hotel MeccaMecca HotelHotel In MeccaMecca MadinaMecca And MadinaMecca ClockMadina HotelMecca To MedinaMecca And MedinaMedina And MeccaMecca MedinaMedina MeccaMecca TowersLive MeccaMecca LiveLive From MeccaIn The MeccaMecca HotelsHotels MeccaHotels In MeccaOnline MeccaMecca OnlineZamzam HotelMecca MapMap Of MeccaMap MeccaMecca CityCity Of MeccaMecca BahRoad To MeccaHajj PilgrimageHajj InformationMecca PhotosPhotos Of MeccaWhere Is MeccaHajj VideoMecca Clock TowerClock Tower MeccaHajj PackageMecca MasjidKaaba MeccaKaaba In MeccaMosques In MeccaHaj To MeccaNew MeccaMecca MosqueMosque In MeccaMosque Of MeccaMecca ColaClub MeccaMecca ClubHotels In Mecca Near HaramHotel In Mecca Near HaramMakkah Tower Hotel In MakkahMecca KaabaMecca 2010Mecca HajjHajj MeccaHajj To MeccaMedinaHajMadinaMadina MadinaHajj 2010MekaHotel MedinaMedina HotelMakka MadinaMakka & MadinaMadina MunawaraMacca And MadinaShahe MadinaMadina LyricsMadina Madina LyricsMadina PicturesPictures Of MadinaPictures MadinaHotel MadinaMasjid In MadinaMadina HotelHotel In MadinaMadina NaatNaat MadinaMadina NaatsMadina Madina NaatMadina Madina NasheedMadina UniUniversity Of MadinaMadina UniversityUniversity In MadinaMadina Lake LyricsLyrics Madina LakeIslamic University In MadinaIslamic University Of MadinaMadina WallpaperWallpaper Of MadinaWallpaper MadinaMadina MasjidMasjid MadinaMasjid Of MadinaMuhammad MadinaMadina SaudiSaudi MadinaMadina In SaudiMadina KsaKsa MadinaMadina MosquePhotograph Of MadinaMadina LiveLive From MadinaLive MadinaMadina VideoVideo Of MadinaShahe Madina NaatNaat Shahe MadinaMadina ArabicMadina Mp3Madina PhotoPhotos Of MadinaWallpapers Of MadinaMadina WallpapersThe MadinaCity Of MadinaMadina CityCity MadinaMosques In MadinaMadina MosquesMosque In MadinaMosque MadinaMosque Of MadinaMadina SharifMacca & MadinaIslamic MadinaMakka Madina WallpapersMakka Madina Wallpaper

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