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中华美食菜谱(Chinese Food Recipe)

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本书依照“好吃、好做、实惠”的家庭实用原则,特邀著名中国烹饪大师,携数十年南北佳肴料理经验。为您一一详解数百道美味的厨中秘诀,令您尽享色、味俱全的居家烹饪之乐。 精致:色泽淡雅的糖醋三丝·甜松香脆黄金栗米饼,灿若明霞的剁椒鱼头·浓油赤酱的东坡肉·山野本色的砂锅土鸡黄澄欲滴的香酥蛋塔·清丽脱俗的高汤鱼丸。 美味:清爽口的精品凉菜·麻辣鲜鲜香的海鲜大餐,大快朵颐的肉类佳肴·清淡怡人的豆制品类·回味无穷的老火靓汤,香酥可口的甜品点心·各擅胜场的风味主食。 便捷:四川泡菜的简便做法·增加虾肉弹性的最佳方案,鱼类保鲜的名种窍门·指战员从鲜嫩的厨师秘诀·禽肉云腥的小技巧煮粥不溢的好方法·煎鱼不粘的锅小诀窍。 (Book in accordance with "good, do good, affordable" family practical principles, invited renowned Chinese master chef, bring decades of experience in North and South cuisine dishes. Detailed to you one by one in several hundred delicious kitchen secrets, offer the ultimate in color, and taste the joy of home cooking.    Exquisite: three wire color and elegant sweet song sweet and sour crispy golden chestnut rice cakes, the fish head Canruo Mingxia thick oil red sauce Pork character of the mountain chicken casserole crispy yellow dripping Cheng Elegant and refined the soup tart fish.    Delicious: refreshing the mouth spicy dish of fine meal of fresh delicious seafood, meat dishes bites pleasant light soy products like food for thought of the old fire soup, crispy and delicious desserts snacks of good wins field of flavor staple.    Easy: easy way the Sichuan pickles the best solution to increase flexibility of shrimp, fish preservation officers and men of the name kind of trick tips from fresh poultry cloud fishy chef tips porridge fried fish is not a good way to not overflow stick pot tips.)

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