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by On April 10, 2012
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This application is free trial version of the "Chinese Words Placing".The Chinese Words Placing helps your learning Chinese.This is like a Chinese words puzzle.Let's check the contents of the Chinese Words Placing with this application.**You can use this application for 24hours and decide to buy a paid version or not.[Characteristics]* More than 600 questions are preset.* You can lean many Chinese more easily because only action you need is drag and drop.* You will get Chinese expressions more surely because repeat traning is not hard. * You can make your own questions.* You can set question random or not.[Notes]* A kind of Chinese characters used as common language in China named "普通话" is used in this application.* Used Chinese character is simplified character.* Yor smart phone needs an input method for Chinese character for making your own questions.* It is good that you already leaned Pinyin to use this application.[Examples]* 这是什么? : What's this?* 现在几点了? : What time is it now?* 感冒了。 : I have a cold.* 请给我一张地图。 : I'd like a map.* 我想把人民币兑换成美元。 : I would like to change RMB to US dollars please.

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