Chroma (basic)


NOTE: Click on "View More Applications" to find Chroma 2.0 (donate) edition, There has been substantial updates to that version and this is only a small early preview of that theme, so if you like this, you’ll love the donate version.The donation money will go towards the Big Android BBQ coming up later this year. If you’d like to help out please use: paypal@pra.shThis is currently for HDPI devices only. Remember if you want frequent updates to this theme, get the donate version! As someone put it "the donate version has less obnoxious red"Made for custom roms that uses the T-Mobile/CM7 theme engine.About 450 images themed.Unique eye-catching color scheme.Please reboot your device to make sure the theme applies properly. If you want a zip of various wallpapers used in screenshots grab them from: or alternatively differences between the two versions: Theme, Cyanogenmod Theme, Prash, CM7 Theme, CM7, unique theme, original theme, beautiful theme, royal colors, blue theme, red theme, blue and red theme, amazing colors, great theme, awesome theme, great colors, injun, android themes, custom theme, slick theme, best theme, unique colors, theme chooser, cm7 theme, Tmobile theme engine, t-mobile theme engine

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