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This a content pack for use with Caustic 2. You must have Caustic 2 installed to use this!The concept: often when I use one-shot samples, I would like to have them play higher or lower without changing their duration and/or having them slow down or speed up. That gave me the idea for this set. The full set contains 49 instruments for Caustic 2 PCMsynth that can be played chromatically. They are made from resynthesized one-shot samples. The demo has 2 of the regular full chromatic instruments: Hard hit 02 (T) and Metal 01 (T). The 4 other files are not chromatic instruments, for these I have instead regrouped on successive keys 2 or 3 samples of each of the 47 other chromatic instruments to allow you to preview all the sounds. The samples of a given instrument in these 4 demo files are 2 octaves apart (but on successive keys) to give a good idea of how it sounds in the full version. Of course this means that in the 4 demo files, the pitch heard does not correspond to the note and the octave played.The full set is in three volumes that are sold individually:1- Mix: 27 instruments covering a range of different timbres.2- Metal: 13 metallic sounding instruments.3- Cymbals: 9 resynthesized acoustic cymbals/hi-hats. Many of the instruments can be used as tuned or semi-tuned percussions. All instruments in the full version have 4 samples per octave and most cover at least 6 octaves.PDF documentation is included and it can also be viewed on our website.Also visit our website to download the free single cycle waveform presets for Caustic’s PCMSynth!——————————keywords: caustic content pack Zvon

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