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Clear Conditions is a small weather widget for uccw and the sequel to Clear Conditions. This set contains HD image files, more conditions and two styles; dark & light. If you like it, please consider leaving a review.PLEASE READ BEFORE COMPLAINING IN THE REVIEWSNOTE1. The skin itself is not completely modifiable like a regular uzip2. The skin will not show up in your app drawer3. The skin will only show up if you create a new widget PREREQUISITES 1. Latest version of UCCWINSTRUCTIONS [Setting up the widget]1. Install the skin 2. Long press the homescreen to create a widget3. Select uccw from the widget list4. Select the any widget size (preferably 4x4)INSTRUCTIONS [Configuring the skin in UCCW]1. Make sure you have Hotspot mode turned off.2. Tap on the widget you want to configure3. Inside the uccw editor menu you can modify colors of the text4. Also edit the hotspots to your personal preferences5. Once done you can turn on Hotspot mode TURN ON / OFF HOTSPOT MODE1. Go into the uccw application (not from a widget, enter it from the app drawer)2. Click the three dots at the top right3. Where it says "Hotspot Mode" tap it and click Off or OnNote:1. To modify your skin your Hotspot mode needs to be off2. In order for the Hotspots to work, it need to be onEDIT COLORS / HOTSPOTYour hotspot mode needs to be OFF for this.1. Tap the widget who's color you want to modify or hotspot you want to change. 2. You're inside, modify everything to your liking3. To save, just exit the appCHANGE TEMPERATURE FROM CELSIUS TO FAHRENHEIT1. Go to the UCCW app2. Press the three dots on the top right3. Select 'Settings'4. Uncheck 'Celsius' under Weather SettingsCHANGE YOUR LOCATION1. Go to the UCCW app2. Press the three dots on the top right3. Select 'Settings'4. Select 'Location' under Weather Settings5. Select either 'Auto Location' or 'Manual Location'IF YOU LIKE IT, WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE A REVIEW?-----clear conditions, conditions, clear, weather, widget, weather widget, light, dark, white, black, temperature, icon, minimal, simple, lightweight, uccw, skin, modifiable, customisation

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