ClevaCom 2.11


Protect your private life.Everybody wants to protect his secret garden. Is there any curious persons around you ?How can you hide certain conversations (calls and SMS) to those persons ?Imagine an application which allows you to send and to receive SMS without leaving trace in your messaging.Imagine that this application can automatically delete any tracks of calls towards and from certain phone number.It’s what ClevaCom proposes you.(IMPORTANT: Only works for the version of Android below 4! Ability to block calls works only for Android version lower or equal to 2.2).To protect your SMS, they will automatically be redirected in ClevaCom and protected by a password.Because we are never too careful, the application is hidden in your telephone. To reach it, dial the 6969 then press the call touch. A password will be required (No password until you create one in the app).If unfortunately somebody find the application and ask you for the password, tell him 1234, he will be redirected to the decoy page ;).ClevaCom is compatible with SMS To Voice.With ClevaCom, no more question, hello discretion***************REMEMBER THESE STEPS TO LAUNCH THE APP- dial the 6969 then press the call touch- when you are asked for enter a password press OK***************

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