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*** How to Have a Healthier Home Just by Learning How to Clean Cleverly! ***Omigosh! What have I done?It's no surprise that words to that effect are thought hundreds of times each day by folks who are caught unawares by their partners. What you thought was going to be a simple phone call turned into the next in a long list of stress factors plaguing you on this day.Never mind that your partner 'sez this may make or break the "deal of a lifetime" for him or her. Never mind that all you have in the refrigerator are last nights leftover chicken. Never mind that your home looks like a stampede of buffalo just ran through it.You have exactly three hours to come up with a miracle menu, transform yourself into a "domestic diva" and turn your house into something straight out of "Home and Garden!"Aren't you glad you bought your copy of "Clever Cleaning" just a few days ago? You have no problem meeting the demands of this last minute social emergency because of all the tips and tricks you learned and implemented when you got your copy of of this terrific guide.You truly did learn how to "have a happier, healthier home" just by implementing all the easy to follow suggestions. One of the first things you will find inside is a complete list of your arsenal of weapons. You might be surprised to find out that some of the most effective cleaning agents don't come out of those expensive bottles you pay a premium for at the supermarket.That's the first benefit. Discover how to replace those expensive cleaners with simple, easy to find ingredients. Chances are you probably already have many of these items around the house. You'll be saving money from the very first instant you open the first digital page!One example is how to select the right cloth for the job. Just any old rag won't do. Learn how to pick just the right one.Do you have pets? If you're like most families you have either a cat or a dog. Having one or both can put a real burden on your housecleaning job. Discover some special helps that will make your job easier and life much more pleasant for your favorites canines and felines. Also learn how to:• Do windows and leave them sparkling • Care for your carpets properly • Have a pristine powder room and much more like, what to use to replace scouring powder. Maybe you could use a replacement for paint remover.Look, we could sit here and tell you all about cleaning your house but that would be a bit redundant. You already know how to do it. What we CAN do is teach you how to do it more cleverly and save tons of extra effort.What you need to do is get your copy now and start cleaning today! =========== Vertex Mind eReader Instruction ========== • Double click page to toggle the screen size.• Zoom in/out by two fingers touching oppositely.• Click page to show/hide navigator.• Click page thumbnail image to jump to the page. • Click page number button to jump to a specific page. • Click 'Contents' items to jump to particular chapter.• Click <== or ==> button to flip page.• Press and slide corner to flip page. • On the page top edge show the reading process bar to tell you where did you achieve.• Please wait for a while for page to focus.======================================================

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