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Clinical Prediction Rules: A Physical Therapy Reference ManualThis application offers a comprehensive look at clinical prediction rules (CPRs) as they relate to physical therapy practice. Pertinent information is readily accessible to influence clinical decision making while also providing sufficient depth. CPR development level is provided, a quality assessment score is listed as well as a clinical bottom line paragraph to provide the user with a summative statement. The predictor variables are well described and include multiple color pictures for clarity of explanation and ease of reproduction. To further assist the user in their utilization of clinical prediction rules this application includes a decision making algorithm calculator as well as multiple case studies demonstrating the inclusion of such rules into an evidence-based clinical scenario.Features:Includes detailed descriptions, full-color illustrations and photos, and case studies for reference.Features a decision making algorithm calculator.Offers patient characteristics and screening tools to help make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.A valuable reference tool to effectively apply CPRs to day-to-day practice. An excellent reference source for the large majority of rules existing to date.With over 100 images, illustrations, and tables to demonstrate key exercises and concepts, this user-friendly application is an essential reference for physical therapist students, recent physical therapist graduates, and licensed physical therapists to utilize for improved patient care.Contents  Chapter  1  Introduction  Chapter  2  How to Use This Book  Chapter  3  Statistics  Chapter  4  Screening  Chapter  5  Cervicothoracic Region and Temporomandibular Joint  Chapter  6  Upper Extremities  Chapter  7  Lumbopelvic Region  Chapter  8  Lower Extremities  Chapter  9  Case Studies  Appendix  A  CPR Quality Scores of Level IV Prognostic Studies  Appendix  B  CPR Quality Scores of Level IV Intervention Studies  Appendix  C  Quality Assessment of Diagnostic CPRs  Appendix  D  CPR Quality Scores of Interventional Validation Studies  Appendix  E  CPR Decision-Making Algorithm

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