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Clipray is an easy to use internet clipboard service which allows text to be transferred between different devices, including computers. Clipray can also be used as a text-only notepad. Anything you put into the clipboard will be saved on your phone when you leave the app. However, you must manually save your clipboard with the Save button for it to be saved on Android versions 1.6 and up. Tested on Android 1.6, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.If you have questions, comments, or find a problem with the Clipray app, please contact Clipray support: feedback@clipray.netTested on these Android devices: A tablet, HTC G1 / Dream, Motorola Cliq 2, Kyocera Echo (with Tablet Mode extension enabled).Instructions for use: - Enter a name for your clipboard - Press the "Go" button The Clipboard will likely be blank. If you find that it is not blank, it means someone else it using it. Please choose a different clipboard.To save your clipboard, press the "Save" button.Once saved, you can view the clipboard contents from any computer web browser by navigating to and entering the name of your clipboard.

 Menu options are: Legal Notice and Settings. In Settings you can change your clipboard's text size or turn AutoCorrect on or off.Known issue: On the Kyocera Echo, if you have the Tablet Mode extension turned on it can cause some strange behavior. The app only behaves strangely when both screens are used and the device is held so that the menu buttons are on the bottom. If you hold it so that the menu buttons are on the side, it does not behave strangely. I don't know what is causing this.Notes: 1:All clipboards are public2:Only the English language is supported at this time. Support for other languages may come in a future release.3:You are responsible for the content you post to the clipboard service.4:The clipboard service supports only text.

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