CM10/AOKP Theme: FusterCluck


*REQUIRES ROOT**REQUIRES A CUSTOM ROM THAT IS EQUIPPED WITH THE THEME CHOOSER APPLICATION LIKE BAKED, AOKP, GUMMY, CM10, ETC**IF YOU RECEIVE THE ERROR THAT THE THEME WAS COMPILED INCORRECTLY JUST APPLY THE "STOCK" THEME AND YOU MUST REBOOT. THEN INSTALL FUSTERCLUCK AND REBOOT*If you still get the compiled incorrectly error, change your DPI to 240 or 360 either within your ROM’s settings or a market app. After you set it to a higher DPI, REBOOT, apply theme, reset DPI, REBOOT, Profit*TESTED ON HDPI AND X-HDPI DEVICES*This theme is a mix of all my other themes but with a lot of new images. The status bar images change colors so your phone always has a new look.. sorta. It’s just fun so enjoy!Themed So Far:*Apex Launcher*Nova Launcher*Trebuchet Launcher*Browser (somewhat)*Calculator – Inverted*Calendar – Inverted*DeskClock*Email – Partially Inverted*Gmail – Partially Inverted*Mms -Partially Inverted*Contacts*Phone*Vending*ROM Control (AOKP)*Settings*GTalk*SystemUI*Framework-res*Animated Notification Icons (Gmail, MMS, Market Updates, Market Updates Finished, WiFi in Range, USB Connected, More on the next update… INSTALLATION GUIDE:1. Download the theme2. Go to the settings menu where you apply the theme(s)3. Choose FUSTERCLUCK4. Hit "Apply anyway" (if you get the compiling error follow my steps at the very top of this page)5. REBOOT6. What a FusterCluck it is!

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