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*Note* If you have any questions or feedback, email me. I can't reply to your app ratings in the app store. I don't know what you mean by by "support dropbox"?---If you want your hard-earned, complex code, and "forgotten" cool solutions on-the-go this one is for you.It's a great little code reader that enhances your current coding knowledge with all of your past coding expertise.How many times did the Internet solution worked out of the box - like never. But you needed it and you spent three days to make it work a year ago. With Code Peeker, you can share that success during a job-interview or meeting rather than promise "Good question, let me get back to you".Code Peeker opens practically any code you throw at it. So your old code stays nicely visible together with the latest of your solutions. It has a syntax highlighter and enumerates the lines for easy viewing.It also opens from both external SD and internal memory!It supports a wide variety of new and old languages such as:- ActionScript 3 (as3)- Terminal scripts (bash, shell, sh)- C/C++ (c, cc, cpp, h, hpp)- C# (c-sharp, csharp, cs)- CSS- Delphi/Pascal- Diff/patch files- Groovy- Java- JavaFX (jfx)- JavaScript (js, jscript)- Perl (pl)- PHP- Text (txt)- PowerShell (ps)- Python (py)- Ruby (rails, ror)- Scala- SQL- Visual Basics (vb, vbnet)- Verilog & System Verilog (v, sv)- XML (xml, xaml, xslt, html, xhtml)If Code Peeker can't recognize the extension it will open the source as plain text. No color highlighting but at least you still can see it. IMPORTANT:- It is 100% free.- No creepy permissions required.- No secret Internet connectivity required.- No ads. Some notes about the current version.(Optional) You can use any file browser app already installed on your Android device. Some phones come with it, others don't. If you don't want to use the built in file browser, download "File Expert". It's better than Astro File Manager and has no ads.NEXT PLANNED FEATURES- Open files from other sharing intent (open from Gmail, File Explorer, etc)- SDcard read support in file explorerPlease remember - it is a reader NOT an editor. If you like doing actual coding while looking at pages of code through a straw and no actual compiler - this one is totally not for you.If you're happy with it, just leave a message =)If you're not happy with something (or have a feature request), let me know. I am easily contactable via email. Don't just give me a 1 star rating and go away.Got a request? Send me an email. I can't reply to comments in the market or ask you for more details.Keywords: source code, syntax highlighter, syntax highlight, code reader, code viewer, snippets, code samples(Thanks to Simeon for the awesome feedback!)Revision history:v1.1- Added support for C/C++ filetypes (cc, h, hpp)- Disabled line wrapping- Changed chooser mimetype from "file/*" to "*/*"- Enabled pinch zoom controls- Allowed user to disable line numbersv1.2- Added ability to display code in monofont (on by default)- mapped Delphi pas files- mapped XAML files to XMLv1.21- mapped Powershell ps1 filesv1.3- fixed a bug when opening files with OI File Manager in CyanogenMod 7- added support for Verilog code filesv1.4- Included an internal file browser! No more fuss about requiring a 3rd party app to open files- Remembers the last opened folder. This way you can keep opening files from a deep folder without repeated browsing.v1.5- added ability to quickly access SD card from root folder- added the ability to open from an external source like Gmail (doesn't work well due to the high number of file types)- "last used path" now checks if folder exists before opening itFile Explorer:- speed improvements- last position when pressing back now less confusing- files no longer sorted by case-sensitive filename- added friendly labels for special paths (SD card, parent folder, root folder)

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