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This is a proof-of-concept project done by SMU SIS students for idea sharing & cocreation. Now that the semester is over, it is maintained and further developed by me.With colabz, registered users can- create communities, add new topics for ideas- post ideas by taking photos/videos or recording audios on the spot, or select them from gallery and then upload- rate and comment on ideas- build from ideas with PicSay and other editor (this is still quite rudimentary. will be enhanced in the future)There are many possible ways to use colabz. This is what I visualize colabz to be able to help in the future:As an individual, sometimes we have pieces of ideas that sound good but don’t seem to be a complete idea on its own. Colabz is a perfect place for them to share their ideas and maybe some other people who have complementary ideas can cocreate with it to create a better, more complete idea. Users would feel a sense of accomplishment as their ideas are appreciated, useful and do not go to waste. This motivates people to share their thoughts more often to contribute to others.In business context, the consumers will feel more valued by the enterprise when they are given the chance to offer feedback and ideas (on products & services, marketing, events, etc), and most importantly, when their ideas are being employed. Consumers as a whole would also gain benefit as the good ideas and feedback are being heard and reacted to.Other possible usages:- A music community where some people can post ideas on lyrics, some can post self-composed music, some can post creative videos etc to complete a set of musics!- A school wanting more inputs from the students about the upcoming marketing activities. Members can express their ideas about the theme, poster/banner design, website content, etc.- An organization that involves its customers in fun contests / challenges- etc etc etc!The web version is at the server connection might be slow as I am still using free hosting online. Upgrade will be in the future.

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