Collect Call (T2T Widget)


A tariff watcher on your Rolling Contract (30-day contract). How much time do you spend talking on the phone? This Widget is your perfect complement. Main feature: Call Time Control. This Widget allows to know at a glance the minutes spend for a period of one month. Control call time spend both on peak time and off-peak time. Displays minutes consumed on an indicator that changes color according to the thresholds in the configuration screen.USER MANUAL: application is not allowed to use Internet. It is safe, only process data from call log.See video for more detail.Control your telephony provider: Vodafone, Movistar, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, …The perfect complement for Collect Call app.Download "Collect Call" to make the most of your phone tariff. Time-slots for a day or period.+ Exclude phone numbers (VIP)v1.3+ Bugs corrected.+ View grouped call-log records (sorted by duration). v1.4+ Exclude numbers using regular expressions. Ej. exclude number with prefix 900. –>900(*) or expression+ Format Call-Log View including Day of Week.+ Info – Remove duplicates entries.+ Bugs corrected.+ View grouped call-log records (sorted by duration). + Exclude VIBER calls: see instructions avaiable at Format Call-Log View including Day of Week.+ Info – Remove duplicates entries.v1.5+ Track spend on a specific phone number. See instructions avaiable at: Search a contact from the phone book and include the phone numbers. + Add total count to title of call resume.+ *Tested on Galaxy Nexus ICS, HTC Sensation ICS and Sony Xperia.v1.6+ Bugs corrected: auto update process (when a call is ended), and error when remove a filter in some models. – User permision required: PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS & READ_PHONE_STATE+ Bugs corrected – auto-refresh Galaxy Note/ Galaxy ACE …v1.9New features:- CountDown: Option to display the minutes we have left to talk (counts down from the total). Requested by [Sergio]- Hide Seconds: Displays only the minutes consumed. The color of the widget label changes depending on whether you have spent seconds in the minutes indicator.- Bugs closed: up and down minute counter in some models. requested by [Conchi], [Celia].User Manual:* Please, avoid TASK-KILLERS (include this app in your white list).* Please, report bugs and issues to improve t2t app.

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