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The complete Collins COBUILD English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean Advanced Dictionary of American English • Made specially for learners of English-Chinese-Japanese-Korean • Contains over a quarter of a million translations from English to Chinese, Japanese and Korean • Thousands of notes on grammar and ways to use words • No internet connection needed. Collins COBUILD English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean Advanced Dictionary of American English is based on one of Collins’ most innovative dictionaries: the Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, which was the first fully corpus-informed dictionary for learners of English. The corpus in question, the Bank of English™, contains 4.4 billion words, and is constantly growing and being updated. Dictionary features include: • 87,000 bold references (headwords, derivatives, phrases & idioms, feature boxes) • 273,000 translations into Chinese, Japanese and Korean: translations in each Asian language are clearly designated by the preceding cyan characters meaning ‘translation’ in each target language in the typeset sample • 16,000 entries (with 1,000 phrasal verbs nested within) • 41,000 definitions in English • 43,000 examples of English in use, from the Bank of English™ • 1,800 feature boxes (language notes, regional variants, usage boxes, cultural boxes) • CET Band 4, Band 6 and Band 6+ vocabulary is included: these words are highlighted in magenta in the typeset sample • no internet connection needed to use dictionary --Search Features— • Wildcard search: enter “?” or “*” in place of a letter when you are unsure of the spelling (e.g., “man*ver” retrieves the word “maneuver”). • Search for similar words: e.g. clicking on “adding” in an entry yields a list of similar and derivative words: “addition”, “additional”, “additive”, “addition reaction”. • Browse through the dictionary alphabetically or flip from one entry to the next with a flick of a finger. • link to Google so that you can search for more information on particular words. --Special features for revising vocabulary— • History menu lists all your recent word searches. • Save words and expressions to any number of flashcard folders. • Mark flashcard words which need you still need to memorize. *over Android 2.2 platform* You may also notice a $1.00 transaction from Google, which is actually a pending authorization request between Google billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card, so you won't end up paying the extra $1.00.*Facebook & Twitter*

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