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NEW v.3.0.0 - Color Palette. Save, Preview, Delete colors. Save and Share color palette. Compare and find the closest color in the palette to the currently selected with color finder.ColorMeter is a useful camera tool that allows you to pick live colors around you.It shows RGB components of the color and display it on the screen. The hexadecimal (HTML) color code that used in graphic, picture or photo editors is also displayed.You can pick and analyze colors using 3 different ways: - live camera view: point cross-hair on different objects and see the real time result on the screen. - make a snapshot of objects and analyze colors on still image. - load pictures from the gallery and pick colors on them.You can use currently selected color as a wallpaper.Features: - live color analyzer - make snapshot and work with still image - load pictures from gallery - white balance with undo function (LONG TOUCH) - average window size option- color palette- save, delete and preview colors in color palette- save/export and share palette using HTML file- find closest color sample in the color palette to the currently selected with color finder - value for R-, G-, B- channel - CMY color model - hexadecimal color code - flash light - save (select, freeze) color- preview color (full screen mode) - use color as wallpaper - Autofocus button - Zoom View option - HelpKeywords: color picker, colorpicker, color analyzer, detect,color measure, camera measure, RGB, HEX color, hexadecimal color, wallpaper, color wallpaper, color selector, find color, camera app, skin tone, android

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