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Columbia City Paper is a free alternative newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina featuring investigative articles, political commentary, humor, music, arts and entertainment coverage. Founded in August 2005 by Paul F. Blake the paper is based in Columbia, South Carolina. Columbia City Paper is distributed throughout South Carolina’s capital city and its suburbs. Its circulation is 15,000 every other week.Other folks have summed up the spirit of Columbia, South Carolina’s only locally owned alternative weekly better than we can:" Immediately unleashing a fierce barrage against entrenched power structures, City Paper broke the story of a sexual discrimination lawsuit at the University of South Carolina, and published the Governor’s home phone number on a front page urging him not to sign off on the nation’s 1001st modern-era execution. Their reportage hits close to home." "This is just the sort of take-no-prisoners journalism that Americans crave but rarely see. The citizens of Columbia have responded. City Paper has become a must-read, already profitable in an industry where others are being forced to fold. But not everyone is supportive." -Ted Rall 1/13/2006"Columbia’s alternative weekly" -The Raw Story"The publication continues to establish its voice, and possibly most important, people still talk about it." -The State NewspaperColumbia City Paper prints the story when no one else will:"Bill Rogers, executive director of the South Carolina Press Association, said he’s aware of only one other newspaper in the state that published any of the cartoons: the Columbia City Paper," -Associated Press"So i was having a beer after my talk last night near my hotel in Columbia, South Carolina, with the publisher, editor, and a couple of writers for the Columbia City Paper when THIS THING FLEW RIGHT PAST MY FACE:It’s a GIANT FLYING COCKROACH. And it’s huge. The locals have given it some other name

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