COMIC ファンタジー気ままな風2011年3月号


Dear everyone in the worldNow, Japan is a catastrophic situation.But We are living in desperate.I’m sure,Smile in the world of good.Which hasten the recovery of Japanese.First, I want to deliver smile all over the world It is a humorous comicTitleCarefree style fantasyYour downloadsI’m filled with gratitude. Thank you for your smile.コミック ファンタジー気ままな風2011年3月号です。4コママンガを30話掲載しました。ユーモア溢れる作品群です。お楽しみ下さい。Made in Japan.It was published in the Japanese newspaper every day. There are no sentences. but,a lot of humours exist in the picture. Author’s name is Syoji FujiyamaHis humour is the world commonness. His family name (Fujiyama) is not Mt. Fuji. Meaning of wistaria(Fuji) in the mountain(yama). I send his humour from Japan to your mind.

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