生死の狭間から生き返った少女の背中には天使のような羽根が・・・!状況に脳天気な姉に困惑する弟とケンカしてしまい空に飛び出した少女の目の前に新たな危機が訪れる!ガッツと根性と姉弟の絆で運命を切り開くハートフルショートコメディ!!ⓒいのうえこうじ/セルシス更新履歴v1.1.1- 対象OS 1.6に変更- オプションメニュー変更On the back of the girl revived from Between life and death wings like an angel …!They will fight with his brother and sister puzzled brains weather situationA new crisis came in front of the girl who jumped out to the sky!Heartful short comedy to carve out a destiny bond of brother and sister and guts guts! !Ⓒ / CELSYS Koji InoueChange logv1.1.1- Change the target OS 1.6- Changed option menu

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