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If you’re like me, the first thing you do in the morning is read the comics section in the newspaper. Comic Sho lets you read the comics on your smart phone or tablet. It includes a database of the web addresses of more than 300 popular comics, and allows you to choose a list of the ones you like to read. The list is saved. You can easily step from one comic to the next.Quick Start Guide:Comic Sho lets you view your favorite comics on your phone or tablet. It includes a database with the addresses for more than 300 popular comics – plus you can add your own favorites to the database. From the list of comics select your group of preferred comics and quickly scroll through this list. Comic Sho remembers your preferred list as well as your last zoom and scroll position settings for each comic.- Comic Sho opens to the main comic display page.- Select your favorite comics by pressing the Android Menu button and choosing the "List" item.- Scroll through the list of comics and "check" your favorites for your MyList.- Press the Android Back button to return to the main display page.- Scroll through your list of comics using the four navigation buttons: First, Prev, Next, Last.

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