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Compass MobileNatural Disaster Recovery Data Collection SystemRemote collection and viewing of Emergency Recovery Data.Standard Licence is for a single deviceThis system can operate alone, or in conjunction with Compass Desktop system. Please contact us for these other components if required to complete your system. Compass is extensively used in southern Australia.The Compass desktop system, which won State and National Emergency Management Australia 'Safer Community Awards' in 2008 has now been re-written to take advantage of the 'Android' platform.It provides a complete recovery management system in its own right, and integrates to the desktop system.Operation is highly compatible with the desktop system. Case management actions can be performed, and the damaged properties and assets are immediately mapped and can be filtered according to damage levels etc.The Google maps system is used to identify properties and council assets, which are then stored in the Compass database. The map can be driven by the inbuilt GPS, or navigated manually by the user. A touch on the relevant point on the screen then triggers the acquisition of the address and coordinates of the location, and a symbol is pinned. Since the map can be zoomed, this gives a good summary of the extent of damaged items.-In the case of properties, the council property database extract (if present) is used to automatically identify the property on the council database.-Manual corrections can be made to addresses if required.-Details such as billing number and exact address (and potentially owner) are available. -Once identified, placement of the property on the map becomes more accurate since it then maps to the property centroid. -Street view is also available, and shows property boundaries which can help the identification process.-Asset damage can be photographed and stored in database. Photos are transferred in over the internet together with the other data collected.Council assets are flagged separately to properties. The system allows entry of the same descriptive information as the desktop, defining the type of asset, damage details and potential costs etc. Additionally one or more photos, with captions, can be taken from within the application, which then become part of the data set.The powerful filtering system allows mapping of the data in various ways to obtain rapid summaries of the situation. This includes damage levels, habitability, status such as whether visited or not, and the existence of hazards. For example a query can be generated to show properties with Asbestos and Live Electricity hazards. Below is shown an example of all properties flooded above floor and not yet visited by the impact assessment team.Many remote areas of Australia still have no mobile coverage, and anyway, in an emergency mobile service may be compromised. Compass Mobile thus allows manual entry of all details, and does not rely on the availability of Googlemaps.Technical AspectsCompass Mobile uses the SQLite database system available on the Android platform. The operator can transfer current data and photos to the server via the internet whenever required, and likewise his data can be replaced by the latest version once it has been merged with the master database. The merging process is managed by Compass Desktop, which also accesses the internet FTP server. The mobile application has menu items to transfer the database in and out of the inner android storage making it accessible to the PC and other applications capable of talking to SQLite.This system operates equally successfully on android tablets and phones, giving an option for those who prefer the larger size.Compass Mobile can be used immediately as a standalone data collection system, and contains its own internal web based help system.For more information please contact:AccountSoft Pty Ltd,P.O.Box 9,Metung Vic

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