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** Supports both Standard & Metric units ** 10 different concrete calculators in one app. For less than a dollar, you can make informed decisions about concrete. This tool gives you 10 different options to calculate concrete, not only does it calculate the necessary materials for concrete, but it will also help you determine the material costs and labor costs, if applicable.For less than a dollar, you can throw out all the guess work and save hours of regret, potentially saving you 100's of dollars. The tool also allows you to email all the saved projects. Do not lose this opportunity to download this app.Features of the App.✔✔ 10 GREAT TOOLS IN ONE APP✔✔ CONCRETE SLAB CALCULATOR ✔✔ CONCRETE BLOCK CALCULATOR✔✔ CONCRETE SONA TUBE CALCULATOR ✔✔ CONCRETE FOOTINGS CALCULATOR ✔✔ CONCRETE BASE CALCULATOR ✔✔ CONCRETE GRAVEL CALCULATOR ✔✔ CONCRETE PAVERS CALCULATOR ✔✔ ADD NOTES FEATURE ✔✔ CONVERSIONS CALCULATOR ✔✔ CONFIGURE OPTION ✔✔ TOTAL SUMMARY ✔✔ ADD TO CALENDAR *** Both STANDARD & METRICS units are supported in this app. ✪✪ SPECIAL FEATURES- Email all the saved calculations to your contractor, friends, or your local hardware shop.- All calculators have price features including labor hours, material price- Set up Tolerance (from 1 to 100) value globally for all calculators.- All calculators display both actual and the tolerance values.- Switch between Metrics & Standard as many times as needed.- Lots of customization, choose between different concrete materials, different block sizes and others.- Save unlimited projects for each of the calculators.- Elaborate help screen- Configuration screen to configure default labor rates for different calculators- Associate a location/name with each project✔✔ FEATURES ✔ CONFIGURE: Key in default labor rates, tolerance values, UOM (metrics or standard)✔ PROJECTS: This screen lists all the saved projects with the latest one displayed first. ✔ CONCRETE: Choose among 6 different types of concrete mixture. Calculator adjusts for Metric units.✔ SONA TUBES: Key in the dimensions and calculate bags of concrete needed along with cubic yards information Calculator adjusts for Metric units.✔ FOOTINGS: Another option to calculator Concrete. Calculator adjusts for Metric units.✔ BLOCK: Choose between Standard & non-standard block size. Choose wire/truss for concrete re-inforcement and calculate the feet required for the reinforcement wire. Choose the block size to get the total number of concrete yards. The re-inforcement and block sizes are optional.✔ BASE: Choose from a form type, Square foot or Big foot and the number of tubes needed. Calculators can be saved✔ GRAVEL: Choose the area dimensions and the density of concrete mixture and tap calculate to see results. Calculators can be saved✔ PAVERS: Choose the area dimensions to calculate the number of concrete pavers needed.✔ NOTES: Add as many notes as you want for a chosen type of concrete or just general notes. ✔ CONVERSION: Convert between 7 different types and convert to one another. Convert cm into inches, ft into meter, etc.✔ TOTAL SUMMARY: All calculators have this menu option. Choose this feature to add project costs across different calculators/✔ ADD TO CALENDAR: This feature is available through the notes view. Add any of your events to your calendar.Please provide feedback so we can refine this application

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