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Contacts CSV Export Pro can export you phone addressbook to CSV Format. In order to make importing easy, standard formats can be selected, like: Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 Mozilla Thunderbird, Hotmail, Windows Live Mail or our own format usable for viewing your file in Excel.There some advanced features for the contacts export, you can choose a delimiter for the fields, what character the line ends with, linux or windows style. What encoding must be used, this can be proven usefull when having languages with special characters.The CSV file made will always be available on your phone, only the contacts export will give you the option to pick this location. Since recently there 2 features added: SMS export, this will export all your SMS messages to a CSV file.And call log export, this will export all the phone calls you made and the incoming call you received. All export SMS , Call-log and Addressbook have the option to e-mail the created file.Currently there 3 versions around Free, Beta and ProHere’s a summary of the Free vs Pro version- The Pro version has no advertisments- No need for network access- No need for access to network state- Smaller, due to less need liberaries- No Flurry statistics integratedLast but not least to Pro version will be updated with the lastest good stuff.

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