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Welcome to Contacts3 EZ Pro (C3EZPro) From Android 1.5(Cupcake) to Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich), one app rules them all! You can upgrade or downgrade your phones/tablets and be able to keep the same elegant Contacts3 EZ Pro user interface.★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★* It is the best app for searching your contacts/phonebook and call log. * Unique organization search capability – you can search contacts by organizations. A person belonging to multiple organizations will be listed under each organization.* Tabbed Browsing – view phonebook/contact list, contact info and notes on different tabs.* With a few taps, you can easily locate friends by first name, last name or any combination of characters.* It is easy to find all calls made to any of your friends.* Simple and consistent user interface.* Four different dynamic color themes allow you to personalize this app’s look to your tastes.* SIP Calls – make internet phone calls using popular apps: Sipdroid, Csipsimple or Google Sip. Internet calling is especially useful for many tablets that cannot make calls using the stock android contacts application. Check our facebook page – on "How to setup free calls with Google Voice?". This is like having an extra phone.* In addition to English, menus in the following East Asian languages are supported in this release: 한국어, 中文 简体, 中文 繁體, 日本語.* No Call Log – at the end of a call, put you back on your contact screen rather than call log.* For android 2.2 and above, app can be moved to SD card.* Our user guide is always available on your device. You can read it anytime without using up your internet bandwidth.Contacts3 EZ Pro runs on Android phones and tablets. It detects and optimizes based on your version of Android. Contacts3 EZ Pro uses a simple and yet powerful interface to manage your contacts (phone numbers, email addresses, IM, notes, etc.). The advanced contact search interface is a major improvement over the stock version.Before you purchase the Pro version, you can “test drive” it at Amazon using a PC or MAC. You can also try our Ad-supported free version “Contacts 3 EZ” at the Android Market.Most of the user interface should be self explanatory. Please read through the User Guide under Tools/Instructions. We hope you enjoy this application and encourage us with ★★★★★ rating.Please contact us ( before entering any negative remarks. We will work with you to resolve the issues. We are committed to provide the best support. Usage Notes:Please note that this app requires that your phone/tablet has license for Google applications. If your device does not have a "Contacts" app, this app is unlikely to work on your device. If you are not sure about the licensing, try our Ad-supported version: Contacts3 EZ" first.For Android 2.3 users, this app does not automatically clear "missed call" notifications as was done in earlier Android versions. This was because Google has added further security restrictions in the 2.3 release of Android. Users will have to clear the "missed call" notifications manually. Copyright(c) 2011-2013 CALPANDA Engineering LLC, CA, USA

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