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Cook Droid Recipes is your personal Cook Book everywhere and anywhere. It contains thousands of recipes clearly structured in multiple categories (including by meal and by origin).Beside containing a huge list of english recipes, you can easily switch to your desired language: English, German, French and Italian! (Just switch it in the preferences)Due to Cook Droid’s direct access to the * database, you’ll have always an updated list of the recipes available there.Not committed yet? Maybe the following features will do that:- Multiple color themes: green, blue, pink, violet, yellow and dark (checkout the preferences)- Print recipes using Google Cloud Print- Smartphone and tablet compatible (of course with device specific layouts ;))- Search function over the whole index- Listing by origin- Listing by meal (appetizer, breakfast, dessert, holiday), depends on selected language- Random recipes with endless scrolling (only in English Version)- Favorites management (favorites will be stored for instant access even without an internet connection)- Share your recipes (by E-Mail or by any Messaging-Service of your choice)- Recipe search by ingredients (only in English Version)- Links referring to * can be directly opened within this app- Export and Import/Synchronization functionallity for your favorites (useful in combination with services like dropbox :))- Local caching of categories to improve the application speed (can be disabled in the preferences)Tested on:- Asus Transformer Prime (Ice Cream Sandwich)- Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus (Ice Cream Sandwich)Notes:- All recipes come from (or the equivalent in the specific language)- During the recipe selection is an internet connection required (as long as the category hasn’t been cached)Rights:- INTERNET & ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Used for online requests of the recipes.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Offline-Storage for the favorites and the local cacheAll recipes are available under the Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (or its equivalent in the proper language), baking, cookbook, recipes, dishes, drinks, cakes, desserts, kitchen, CookDroid, cocktails, grill, international, honeycomb, tablet, delicious

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