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Now you can cook frozen Alaska seafood portions without thawing – and it’s all right at your fingertips! Use our COOK IT FROZEN! Techniques App to cook frozen Alaska seafood without thawing and enjoy a terrific meal in as little as 15 minutes. Search hundreds of recipes by seafood species or by cooking technique. Not familiar with how to roast, broil, steam, poach, grill or sauté seafood? Watch our series of how-to videos directly from the app. It’s like having a private cooking lesson. Looking for salmon, halibut, crab, cod, Alaska pollock or sole recipes? We have hundreds from which to choose. We give you the full recipe including prep time, cook time, and servings. There’s even a picture of the finished recipe so you know how your dish should look when done. Frozen never looked so fresh!We give you all the ingredients you’ll need in a handy Grocery List feature as part of the app. As you pick up the ingredient you need at the grocery store, check that ingredient off your list. Now that’s convenient!Want to share the recipe with your friends? It’s made easy with our “Share” feature.Learn even more about Alaska’s commitment to sustainability as well as the benefits of eating seafood through our intuitive, handy app.And that’s Alaska Seafood’s COOK IT FROZEN! Techniques App. Just Minutes Until Mealtime.

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