Cooking Game: Barbecue Yum!


Take advantage of the good weather to prepare delicious barbecues.Summer means picnics, parties! Serve up some delicious hot off the grill creations like fish, chicken, ribs, and kabobs.If you like sizzling hot food, then don’t pass this app."Nothing is better than a relaxed barbie on a gorgeous day!!"Get ready because the customers are hungry and the grill is hot. You are in charge of the grill and everyone is coming for mamma’s famous BBQ, so grab Mamma’s secret BBQ recipes and get in front of the grill. Everyone is expecting the best BBQ on this side of the Mississippi, so don’t disappoint.Take the meat out of the box and place it on the grill to let it sizzle. Don’t let your friends steal the meat. Put the meat into the bowl when it is ready to serve.You have a time limit so buckle up.keywords: BBQ, barbecue, picnic, party, fish, chicken, rib, kabobs, grill

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