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You can add your handwritten sign or illustration to a photo in CoPic!!■ You can express your Handwriting illustration or message directly to a photo.■ Capable of enlargement/reduction/spin by Single-Touch.■ Share photos that you added comments with your friends.■ Exchange photos with your friends via SNS. (mixi, twitter & Facebook)■ You can make the unique photo in easy to use interface.You can make your Friend's Birthday card or unique photo in CoPic and share it in SNS.Let's make your unique photo in CoPic RIGHT NOW!Just four simple steps to make it!!! ↓1. Choose base photo: Take photo > 「Take Photo」/ Choose existing >「Choose Photo」2. Take a photo that you handwritten sign or illustration on the paper and make a stamp >「make stamp」3. Paste the stamp to the photo after enlargement/reduction/spin.4. Save and send an email to share it in SNS. <Details>「menu」 ・SAVE PHOTO:Save photos ・SEND MAIL:Attaching a photo to an email ・ALL CLEAR:Reset the edit info and return to the first step「move photo」 Edit the photo that you took or choose it. 「make stamp」 ① Choose photo you want to make a stamp: 「choose photo」/「Take Photo」 ② Adjust a parts that you want to make a stamp. (It's different per mobile model to edit the image, but most of model can edit with stretching of corner of the square.) ③ 「Adjust Image」> Adjusting contrast of image ④「Color Change」> Choose stamp color(When you choose the color scope in circle, color appear in square of center . Then, choose Shade color.) ⑤「Complate」> Completed make stamp. 「move stamp」 To paste it to the photo, adjusting the stamp by single-touch「delete」Delete the stamp you want to delete. When you click the button, it will be shown the trash box icon and click it to delete.If you have a lot of stamps that you want to delete, click delete button until appear a trash box icon.

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