CosmoCamp: Picnic Problems


“Oh, no! Who invited the rain to the picnic?” Introduce your children to Migo and Pandy’s first of many extraordinary adventures through space in their CosmoCamper! In this interactive storybook, share their captivating journey as they travel to a rainy little planet to meet new friends. Play hide-and-seek in the puffy flower field, roast marshmallows by the fire, and discover what happens when the rain comes uninvited! CosmoCamp: Picnic Problems offers two reading modes designed to reinforce the learning experience of toddlers (2-3) and preschoolers (4-5) through stimulating interactions. This wonderful storybook will appeal to even the youngest learners, thanks to its bright, whimsical illustrations, funny tactile animations and educational narration mechanics. The CosmoCamp Interactive Storybooks are specially designed to introduce children to the joy of reading, as well as spark their creativity while providing hours of interactive fun! CosmoCamp: Picnic Problems features: – A fun story with beautiful animations – Age appropriate content with two (2) levels for toddler or preschooler – Three (3) reading modes: Read together, Read to me, Read-along – Fun interactive activities on every page – Intuitive, simple interface and navigation mechanics – Enchanting music and enticing narration with amusing sound effects – Parent-child tips to help you spark your child’s reading interest. The application is available in two languages: – English – French CosmoCamp: Picnic Problems comes in English and French, and defaults to your device’s language settings during the initial launch of the application. To set a different language, you may launch your device’s Settings application, then go to: General > International > Language, or select the desired language directly from the Parent Zone within the application. Frima Studio, Canada’s largest independent game developer, teamed up with child development specialists from a renowned Canadian university to offer parents meaningful, skill-building, yet fun, child-oriented apps. Recommended ages: 2-3, 4-5

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