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^. ^ This app is free of charge. We need to tell you that icon ads and notification ads are normal in this app. ^.^How to find an app widget in cell phone? CPU Frequency Widget is an app widget, press the menu button and some inside functions come out, click the function of Add and widgets option is here, open widgets to find app widgets, like CPU Frequency Widget. Then you will see it on the screen. Features of CPU Frequency Widget:1. Show the CPU frequency now. It updates once a minute. But you can click to refresh. It is a button when it is on the screen.2. Helps you to know and protect your cell phone CPU and battery with its frequency. This app widget could help you to protect two vitally important things of your cell phone. Won¡¯t you like it? Download this free app here to extend the life of your cell phone. And please give it 5 stars if you like it. Thank you. Something about CPU CPU, is central processing/processor unit. It is a kind of hardware which carries out the instruction of a program by performing the basic arithmetical, logical and input/output operations of the system. It also has something to do with cache, more cache has saved, the CPU works faster.

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