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craigslist search, browse, post & more done easy with EZ-LIST, the BEST posting app.

EZ-LIST endeavors to preserve the simplicity of the craigslist classifieds user experience while providing minimal, mobile inspired usability flourishes to produce a fluid, uncluttered interface to make your transition to mobile craigslist a breeze. EZ-LIST effectively and reliably reproduces the most essential features of craigslist so they are available at anytime, anyplace, presenting a comprehensive solution for conducting all your craigslist activity in a single application.

If you're a user who values clean design, solid functionality, stability, robustness & reliability over visual frills, poor execution, superfluous features & random glitches, restarts, force closures, unresponsiveness, etc., EZ-LIST was designed especially for you. Buy, advertise and sell deals effortlessly with EZ-LIST.

- clean, uniform interface with simple & intuitive controls
- supports landscape/portrait orientations & SD card install
- supports old and new craigslist posting formats
- login dialog reCAPTCHA support (password storage optional)
- streamlined & optimized posting view (markup & larger images modified to fit screen)
- scroll-paging list views with NO results truncation (i.e., more than 100 at a time)
- optional quick scroll setting for faster results seeking
- swipe-paging enabled image slideshow viewer (8x pinch zoom, good for car ads)
- save images to sdcard
- efficient memory & file-based image caching
- minimal permissions & no battery-sapping background services
- international friendly (works equally well with non-US craigslist sites)

- full parameter search & browse (includes sections & neighborhoods)
- fully editable saved searches (both location & filter criteria)
- managed searches (autosave most recent search settings)
- unlimited bookmarks (favorites) sortable by time added
- history tracking for browsed postings (auto-updated "last viewed" times, 1000 items max)
- web url displayed in results title
- picture preview in ad list view (configurable)
- preview restriction to craigslist embeds
- image detection count overlay
- posting result date & elapsed time (auto-updated)
- lookahead result preview fetching (scroll-driven loading & paging for reduced data usage)
- re-query with alternate saved location (aka multi-city or multi-location search)
- sortable results (best match, recent & hi-lo range)
- adaptive filtering of deleted and removed ads
- inclusion/exclusion of nearby results
- clickable/navigable breadcrumbs & categories (e.g., can browse "wanted" category)
- in-ad call & text links (in addition to "reply to" & share)
- on-demand criteria retrieval & data management (reduced battery & memory consumption)

- full parameter posting with images (authentication optional)
- supports all categories (housing, jobs/resumes, personals, community events, et al)
- automated post image compression (use any size photo)
- auto-detected image orientation & dimensions
- preview post images in image viewer
- rotate selected post images
- optimized horizontal (4:3) and vertical (3:4) image cropping
- integrated phone verification support (authenticated only)
- post management (view, delete, renew, repost & restore)
- post editing support (community, for sale/wanted items, gigs & services)
- ghosted post (ghosting) check
- filterable posts (by status & category)

If you have any problems with the app, it would be very helpful if you could email a description of the error and how to reproduce it before leaving a low rating and stating your problem there. Please consider leaving a positive rating if you like the app and have any kind words to that effect. If there is any craigslist feature you'd like to see integrated, please email your ideas as well.

DISCLAIMER: EZ-LIST is free with ad support and will not function in the presence of ad blockers. EZ-LIST is not affiliated with or endorsed by

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