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by On October 13, 2012
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No more Alarm you turn off unconsciously!‘Crazy Alarm’ will definitely open your eyes.▶About Application‘Crazy Chicken Alarm’ is an alarm application that takes responsibility to wake your morning. You set alarms with a strong will that you will wake up on time next morning.After a few days, you get used to the alarms. Don’t you turn off unconsciously the alarms and sleep again? Start of a distracted and flurried day, because you didn’t wake up on time. Say good-bye that day.Many alarm sounds and basic alarm functions such as setting date!You will discover yourself in clear mind on bed by following the morning missions, such as hitting chicken, shaking chicken and shouting.Start a fun and energetic day with ‘Crazy Chicken Alarm’.▶Alarm Function- Alarm Settings by using the time picker- Various Alarm Sound Setting (Standard sound, Custom Sound)- Snooze- Setting Interval of Repeat- Vibration Mode- Setting Date Repeat- About Alarm▶Sleep Listening Music- Sleep Listening Music- Select Standard Music and MP3 Music - Turning-Off Timer Setting▶Alarm Turning-Off Mission - Hitting Chicken- Shaking Chicken- Shouting- Random Mission▶Other features- Comic Character’s Motion and Sound- Offer Help for User’s Convenience* Inquiry, please send to

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