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Crazy Party is a board game for your mobile phone.It's a party game for teams of two or more players (the more the merrier!).Choose the type of challenges: -Hot Potato: there is a hidden clock inside the game that tell the time, now you must answer quickly, before time for question is up and before the hidden time is up or you'll be expelled from the game!-Party, to do with your friends as a remedy for boredom!-Halloween, to do with your friends during the Night for Spirits or when you want to have some funny scary moments with your friends!You can play everywere: at home, during a journey or a picnic, on the beach, at the pub, in the garage, in a haunted house...the only limit will be your fantasy!To play you only need an Android mobile and a sheet with which you'll keep score.At the start of your turn, you get from the previous player Android mobile and play a challenge.If you win the challenge you can choose between two options: gain one point or enforce the Special Effect that appears on the display.Challenge your friends:- quiz: how much are you prepared?- mimo: Are you able to express yourself with gestures?- sketch: Find the Michelangelo in you! - music: beware of off-key singing!- truth: don't you dare lie!May the best Player win!Languages: english and italian

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