Crazy Zoo


Crazy Zoo is so simple but very addictive game which you loves to play. Match animals and gather all of them in to one place. If you left anyone then your game is over. You have fun to play with amazing different animals like elephant, donkey, monkey, turtle, giraffe, lion, cat, penguin, hybrid animals and many more.This is very funny games which your kids loves to play. Very similar to gems, diamonds, jewels, bubbles elimination game. Just match two same animals which are adjacent to each others. Clear all the animals from the board and move to next levels. As you completes level it will introduce more animals in the game.DescriptionCrazy zoo is all about gathering all zoo animals, and you have to very careful not to leave any animal alone. you can pair the animals that are close to each other and you have to make sure that no animals left in the board. Duck power – power which can be pair with any zoo animals and it removes that animals from the board. elephant power – power which can be pair with any zoo animals and it removes all animals from the board which you pair with elephant. Match any two power, That will removes all zoo animals from the board.Thoughts on the game? We loves to hear your feedback. Please contact us1. http://www.artoonsolutions.com2. http://mobile.artoonsolutions.com3.

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