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Star Wars Name and Honorary Title Generator ["New Hope" Version].Become a character in the Star Wars universe with your very own unique and personal Star Wars Name and Honorary Title!Have fun with your friends and family as you immerse yourself in the original art and music of your favorite Star Wars episodes as you progress through a quick series of simple questions that are used to generate your very own personal, customized, unique, and wonderfully consistent Star Wars character name and honorary title! Your personal Star Wars name and honorary title will be generated consistently and uniquely to you – nobody else will ever have it!This one-of-a-kind app generates actual plausible Star Wars character names and titles that could believably be introduced into any Star Wars episode!Bring loads of fun to your family and friends as you enjoy this app over and over again, generating 100% unique but consistent Star Wars character names and honorary titles for each of them. Just imagine – an app that actually generates and gives you something completely personal and unique to you, your family, and your friends that you get to keep forever!The ultimate amusement app that can make anyone* a part of the Star Wars universe! It never gets old!Supports all popular phone screen sizesSupports 7" and 10" tablets.Don’t miss the "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the jedi" versions, available now!* Note: This software is formatted for western/European-style names of 3 or more characters. In the case of shorter names, such as "Li", additional letters can be substituted, such as "Lee".————————————————————keywords: star wars starwars r2-d2 c-3po r2d2 c3po luke skywalker princess leia organa yoda obiwan obi-wan kenobi darth vader han solo name generator force xwing x-wing tie fighter lightsaber chewbacca lando calrissian bespin hoth deathstar tatooine alderaan kashyyyk blaster landspeeder millennium falcon stardestroyer death destroyer anakin maul sith jedi phantom menace hope empire rebellion trilogy prequel prequels game amuse amusement jabba hutt rancor clones clone hyperspace amidala windu emporer palpatine jango boba fett r5d4 r5-d4 padme jarjar binks jar-jar jar count dooku fisto fortuna gonk greedo general grievous ig88 ig-88 quigon quigonn qui-gon jinn katarn lowbacca mothma attack rogue squadron sebulba sidious snootles watto wicket wickett ewok wookie bantha dewback geonosis gungan gungans wampa wampas jawa jawas mynock mynocks nexu reek sarlacc tauntaun tusken coruscant degobah dantooine endor kamino naboo utapau yavin powers sandcrawler corellian calamari rebel cruiser y-wing ywing a-wing awing b-wing bwing rope fruit ninja doodle jump gun shoot robo defense moron test flick xtreme thanksgiving christmas pocket game angry birds zombie 3d games tetris drag racing pool bunny shooter brain science fiction drunk joint bowling master puzzle solitaire jewel elite word deluxe monster widget root backup office rom google skype live wallpaper

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