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Play cribbage online on Android phones and tablets for FREEHigh quality, realistic cards, a pleasure to play with!Interact, chat with real people, watch other people play, improve your skills and your rating. Supports multi-player cribbage tournaments including ACC (American Cribbage Congress) tournaments -see cribbage.orgThis online cribbage can be played with different game options. Here you can invite players or respond to their invitations. As this is an internet cribbage, Internet connection required. WIFI connection is not strictly necessary - will play well with 3G connection. Cribbage Live automatically reconnects if connection is lost.Cribbage game options include 121 point or 61 point games, manual scoring option and six-card and five-card cribbage options. Six Card Cribbage is two-player game that is widely played in English speaking parts of the world. In England, it still is primarily a pub game. Cribbage is considered to be a Game of Skill where players must balance a number of different objectives, remain quick-witted enough to recognize different potential card combinations in order to beat their opponent. It is a game where experience counts for a great deal although a little bit of luck as in real life always helps :)Cribbage is also a game where proper gaming etiquette and politeness are important. Two players use a standard 52 card pack. Cards rank from high to low: K(high) Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 A(low). Five Card Cribbage variation is an older traditional version that is still popular in England. 5 card Cribbage differs from the more modern 6 card cribbage by the number of cards in hand (initially 5) and by the score to play - usually it is played to 61 points.

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