Crowdroid is a multifunction microblogging(Weibo) client. You can use many microblogging services on it, including Twitter, Sina Weibo,Tencent Weibo,Sohu Weibo, Renren and Crowdroid for Business. Meanwhile, Crowdroid has additional functions such as Tweet Translation, voice input, tweet to multiply microblogging services at the same time, wallpaper change, font size change, and image upload.You can more details about "crowdroid" here.[Update history]●2013/5/17 Crowdroid 3.4.0-Update 1) Added the notification feature of schedule on CFB. 2) Updated the APIs on following services. Twitter, Sina Weibo, Sohu Weibo 3) Added the download feature of multiple pictures. -Bug Fix 1) Repaired the notification feature on Sina Weibo. 2) Updated the feature of ‘Suggested Users’, ‘Casual Watch’,’User Timeline’ and so on. 3) Repaired the place of ‘V’ mark on each Weibo. 4) Updated multilingual support. 5) Fixed the problem of user registration on Sohu Weibo- Deleted feature Because Sina changed the API policy, temporarily deleted the ‘Direct Message’ feature and the part of search feature.- Known Issues The part of feature on Sohu Weibo is unstable. ●2013/1/29 Crowdroid 3.3.3- Improved the notification feature.- Fixed the problem of lapsing the login verification on NetEase Weibo.- Fixed the problem when downloading multiple files on "Crowdroid for Business".- Fixed the problem that cannot upload the file/picture including double byte name.- Fixed the other bugs.●2012/12/31 Crowdroid 3.3.2- Added the function of ‘Picture Center’ on CFB – Added the function of ‘Document Center’ on CFB – Added the function of ‘Video Center’ on CFB – Repaired the function of LBS timeline on Tencent Weibo – Repaired the bugs when the name of attached files is double byte.- Fixed the other bugs.●2012/11/21 Crowdroid 3.3.1Tips : – Improved the function of display the comment history on Twitter – Added the functions Crowdroid for Business as follows: a. Posting multiple pictures in one timeb. Posting multiple files in one timec. Added the function of posting multiple pictures and files when retweeting d. Improved the function of linkage with LBS * Get the current location* The search function of the route by bus, car and walking* Nearby search and display by a category* The function of displaying the map detail info* The function of sharing those to the CFB – Improved the LBS function on Sina Weibo * Get and display the information of around the current location * The function of Check-in * The function of displaying a route by each moving method * The function of displaying a nearby tweet, user or picture * The function of posting a comment and check-in Bug fix: – The problem in the case of posting and following a user on Twitter- The problem in the case of registering a user on Sohu Weibo- Improved getting the location info of Crowdroid for Business- The problem in case of notification●2012/10/22 Crowdroid 3.3.0●2012/6/29 Crowdroid 3.2.1●2012/5/31 Crowdroid 3.2.0●2012/5/4 Crowdroid 3.1.0●2012/4/1 Crowdroid 3.0.1●2012/3/20 Crowdroid 3.0.0●2012/1/11 Crowdroid 2.6.1●2011/12/20 Crowdroid 2.6.0●2011/11/28 Crowdroid 2.5.1●2011/11/4 Crowdroid 2.5.0●2011/10/8 Crowdroid 2.4.1●2011/9/30 Crowdroid 2.4.0●2011/8/5 Crowdroid 2.3.0●2011/7/18 Crowdroid 2.2.1●2011/5/31 Crowdroid 2.2.0●2011/3/18 Crowdroid v2.1.0●2011/2/25 Crowdroid v2.0.2●2010/2/18  Crowdroid v2.0.1●2010/2/2  Crowdroid v2.0.0●2010/12/20 Crowdroid v1.5.2●2010/12/8 Crowdroid v1.5.1●20/11/10 Crowdroid v1.5.0●2010/10/29 Crowdroid v1.4.0●2010/9/21 Crowdroid v1.3.0●2010/9/7  Crowdroid v1.2.0●2010/8/23 Crowdroid v1.1.0

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