Crypto Mms BETA


Provides 256 bit AES Encryption on SMS text messages with other users using the same android application. A key to read the messages is transmitted using a 1024 bit RSA handshake. Once the handshake between 2 parties has been established, all messages are automatically encrypted and decrypted between them. No one outside of the handshake will be able to read your messages ( unless they are NSA and they are curious about you for some reason 😉 ).NOTE: This app at this phase currently only supports encryption of SMS messages and image MMS messages. Other MMS content types will be supported in the near future.BETA NOTE: This application is a BETA, which means there will be bugs, which is why software has BETA phases, so the bugs can be found. If you encounter a bug, we ask that you submit it so the developers are able to correct it. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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