Cthulhu Xmas Calendar Lite


‘App of the Week’ – NineOverTen.com"The artwork really does stand out and would make even Cthulhu proud. It is a nice gift to be presented with the vibrant and high-quality art each day. I loved how well Red Wasp Design was able to merge a holiday theme with the likes of Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep. Another thing about this app is the background music. It’s catchy and doesn’t seem to overstay its welcome." – VividGamer.com The Cthulhu Christmas Calendar Lite is an advent app that counts down towards Christmas but with a Cyclopean twist! From the 1st December until the 9th, each day features an original image which is unlocked in the December count down to Christmas. Upgrade to the full version to acces the 10th December onwards content and keep the seasonal madness and fun going! Cthulhu Christmas Calendar Lite is the fun way to count down till the stars are right and presents can be opened from their slumber. As well as great art, each day also has a Cthulhu-related question for you to puzzle over and answer. Keep track of the sleeps until Cthulhu-mass with the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar; don’t leave R’lyeh without it!

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