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▶ Directory based searching for music▶ Use all features using 1 headset button▶ Control the Player using VoiceIt is time to use Cup Player!- When you need Directory based searching player, because of too many files in your phone.- When you are tired to take off the gloves.- When you are tired to control with inconvenient buttons.- When you want to use smart phone wisely.Features only in Cup Player1. Directory based searching for mp3 files2. Convenient Interface with Headset Buttons to control3. Reservation for next play4. Powerful Advanced Voice Recognition5. User Defined Keywords for Voice Recognition6. Widget for easy usage7. Easy initial setting wizardBasic Features in Cup Player1. Make your own Playlist2. See music files by Artist3. Suffle & Repetition to play4. Run in Background※ Voice Recognition will not work when the screen lock is on.※ Android 2.2 or higher than 2.2 is necessary for Voice Recognition.Note:1. Optimized for WGVA Display such as Nexus One2. Internet Connection is necessary for Voice Recognition3. TTS engine is necessary for better usagePlease Read Help when you are beginnerRelated Keywords:Mp3 Player, Google Voice Recognition, Recognizer, Smart추천 APPs:배달통, SBS 뉴스, 전자신문, 디지털 어학기, 경찰청 교통안내, 바스켓, 니 몸무게를 봐라, 안드로이드 사용자를 위한 Facebook,Twitter, 바코드 스캐너, Google Maps, 오브제, TiKL, Compass, 아스트로 파일, 카카오톡, 말하는 산타, CGV 영화 예매,튜브메이트, Adobe Reader, StreetView,, Backgrounds,Yahoo Mail, 컬러노트 메모장, 열린약국찾기, Shazam, 알약 안드로이드,DailyHoroscope, Skype, Ringdroid, 심리 테스트, 컬러라이트, Tango Videos,음성검색, TuneIn Radio, StopWatch, 필수어플가이드, ESPN ScoreCenter,Launcher Pro,Weather Bug, PicSay, MP3 Music Box, Opera Mini 브라우저,Talking Roby the Robot, MSN 톡, 고속도로 교통 정보, 서울 버스, 멜론,NH 스마트 뱅킹, 급수별 한자학습, 단위변환기, 지하철 도착 정보, 지하철 네비게이션, Bump, Dolphin,네이버 웹툰, 네이트 만화, 다음 지도

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