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The official Android App of the world’s leading money transfer comparison site and save on the go using our foreign currency transfer comparison tool with live exchange rates.Over $240 million has been transferred globally by users of fxcompared.comOur visitors have transferred over $200 million, to and from many currencies, since we started comparing money transfer services not just from the UK but around the world.Testimonials from users of our site"Very up to the minute and accurate, for support family abroad""Very reassuring especially with euro fluctuations" "Having sent money home for the last 2 yrs and paid the banks phenominal fees I am glad to finally find an alternative. I believe that I am onto a winner""Found the service absolutely brilliant. Very competitive rates""Fantastic exchange rates espcially if one is sending large amounts of money" The Daily Telegraph says:"To compare deals, try, which shows fees,exchangerates and speed of transfers between different countries and ranks companies based on customer experiences"

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