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This eBook will teach you how to create customized animated GIF files using apps found on the market. At the time of this writing, there is no single app that can grab frames from video, edit these frames/photos with text or previously nonexistent elements and encode the series into an animated GIF format. Until the day an app that can perform all these functions is developed and released for sale on the market, one must be creative with the existing apps that are immediately available.The ability to create customized GIFs was something you could only do on your PC or laptop and virtually nonexistent on the internet without paying someone to do it for you. Now your only limitations will be your own imagination.With the knowledge I will pass on to you in this eBook, you will be able to express just about anything, in an animated format, using a few market apps and your phone. Some GIF animations will be simple to create while others will take quite a bit of planning, problem solving and foresight. I will provide examples as visual aides and take you through the steps taken for each. After reading this e-book, you will understand the process of creating customized GIF animations and should be enlightened enough to start projects of your own.Take a few minutes to visit the finished Project Examples page... Then point me in the direction of the single Android app that can create Customized GIF Animations like the 3 Projects featured in this eBook.Interested in eBook Markup Language for your own website or Android application? Visit:

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