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DeveloperStephan Petzl
Added3 years ago
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Google Rating4.2
by On April 4, 2012
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This is the PRO version of CutoutCam (free).IMPORTANT: please try the free version first. CutoutCam might not be compatible with your phone, so I would suggest to try before you buy ;)PRO Features:-----------------------------------* loading images * scaling, rotating & mirroring of loaded images* editing paths* reloading of "old paths"* better (configurable) image quality * export as PNG fileCreating collages or photo mashups with CutoutCam is a matter of seconds. You take a photo, cut out a hole and take another photo which fits into it. You can repeat this process endless times. That way you can be a creative artist or just a prankster who sticks vegetables on his friends heads. It's simple - but powerful!Use whatever  you need for you collages and mashups: wood, stone, skin, sky and fabric or even  your TV or computer screen - simply by taking photos.If you have ideas how CutoutCam could be improved, let me know! Drop me a mail at info@cutoutcam.comKeywords:  camera, edit, photo, effects, photoshop, pictures, cut out, stencil, hoax

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