CycloMeter (Speedometer)


This is speedometer application for bicycle.Functions: Speedometer, Map, Odo&Trip, GPS logging.USES: Turn on GPS device. It takes time for a while to a measurement start. MODES? 1) Triple meters (LEFT: Accelerometer, CENTER: Speedometer, RIGHT: BatteryLevel) 2) Map & Speedometer 3) Only map 4) GPS statusCONTROLS? Touch at right-hand side: Change display mode. Touch at upper-left or lower-left: Change zoom level. (when the map is displayed)MENUS? Color: Change color. MeterType: Change accelerometer type. Normal kmh: Its displayed accel or deaccel level. (km/h) Assist24kmh-A: for Japanese (After 2008/12) Assist24kmh-B: for Japanese (Before 2008/12) Normal mph: Its displayed accel or deaccel level. (mph) Assist20mph: for United-States (mph) Assist25kmh: for EU (km/h) Assist20kmh: for Chinese (km/h) Dimmer: map is displayed darkly. LCD: Change LCD information. Clock Speed Trip Odo Altitude Bearing: (0: North) Accuracy Setting: TripZero: Clear trip meter. StartGPSLog: Start recording "GPS Logs". (export to /storage/Cyclometer/***.gpx) (StopGPSLog): Stop recording; ChangeDisp: Change display mode.

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