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Cyman is your digital butler or virtual assistant based on the JARVIS System from Iron Man. This voice assistant is a conversational software tool designed to help organise yourself, automate tasks, find information, and eventually connect to your home.THIS FREE VERSION IS A RESTRICTED RELEASE- Download paid version of Cyman Mark 2 to remove ads--------------------------------------------------------★★★★★This is wonderful!I adore this system. It's exactly what I was looking for, and I'm so pleased with how personable it is. Definite five stars.★★★★★AmazingAfter much experementing, I have found a wealth of uses for this app. Outstanding really as I am in the car alot or on the go. A must have for a buisy lifestyle.★★★★★frighteningly intelligentit's frighteningly intelligent. I was astonished by how easily I picked up on my commands and the shear number of responses it is preprogrammed with.--------------------------------------------------------Small changes in the things we do can make a huge difference.The small change of receiving all the necessary information you need at the start of your day(such as weather, relevant news, your reminders for the day and transport news)can be the difference between being on time or late for work,not forgetting your gym kit before setting out, or being caught out in the rain without an umbrella.CYMAN is that small change - that extra something to give you the right information but most importantly, at the right time.Inspired by Tony Stark's JARVIS System from the Iron Man motion picture, CYMAN is more than just a Siri alternative.The Cyman System actively helps you organise your tasks, and gives you the local weather, your tasks, and news headlines with it's own alarm. Plus much more to come!http://www.cymansystem.comCyman's Capabilities:The menu contains examples of commands that Cyman will understand. Also, you can check our twitter page for suggestions of commands.Please leave feedback on our website if you find any issues! They will be much more useful to us if you give full details including your phone model and Android version.-A British male "butler" voice powered by iSpeech technology ( and texting-Twitter & Facebook status-Opening Android applications-Latest news articles-Schedule commands-Local and international weather information-Movies nearby-Language translation-Factual information-Location queries-Task list management-Play music-Limited mobile device controls-Alarm setting-Limited conversation-Unit Conversion-Search queries-UK National Rail enquiry (beta)Created by: UGOBELSoftware Author: Ugochi AnomelechiDesign: Christabel Anomelechi--------------TROUBLESHOOTINGI CANNOT HEAR ANYTHING- Ensure your media volume is up- If you are using iSpeech ensure your ring volume is up- Ensure your text-to-speech settings are enabled (usually located in your Android Settings -> Language & Input settings)CYMAN SOUNDS FEMALE, I WANT HIM TO SOUND MORE LIKE JARVIS- If you do not have Android version 4.0 and upwards, there is no British male voice available by default. You can go to Google Play to download various apps like SVOX and IVONA.- You can turn on iSpeech from the menu within the app to use the British voice there, but the experience is not as smooth as your native Android speech- Follow this interesting post from a fan here: WANT TO GIVE CYMAN ANOTHER NAME- Tell Cyman "change your nickname to Jarvis" for exampleWHY DOES CYMAN CALL ME SIR WHEN I AM FEMALE?- Cyman simply does not know. Tell Cyman you are female...that's all there is to it!ANY FEEDBACK/COMPLAINTS?- Go to our website at and let us know all the details, or email us at Follow us on our Facebook, Google+ and YouTube pages (on Facebook we are called J.A.R.V.I.S System)

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